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本公司現有大量文職及客戶服務空缺, 有興趣請即電郵履歷表至 , 我司會努力為你配對!


Joyway Management Limited - Your Best Service Partner

嘉匯管理有限公司 - 您的最佳服務合作伙伴


  2. Established in 2003, Joyway Management Limited (hereafter called "Joyway") started its staff provision services in the cleaning industries with proven record in our quality and professional services.


Joyway set up its HR Advisory Division in August 2007, specializing in staff service provision and relocate to our North Point office in October 2010 as our business grows.  By then, Joyway undergone business restructuring to increase its business efficiency.  


  2. Another independent private limited company, named Joyway Management (HK) limited (JMHK) is set up in August 2010.  JMHK focuses in cleaning and property management businesses and remains in our Chai Wan office.  This helps us to specialize our resources in different business areas.


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As a strategic partner of our clients, Joyway successfully builds up its network with many reputable organizations in both private and public sectors.


With our clients' support and compliments, Joyway will continue to devote its full effort to be the best management service provider in Hong Kong.