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Joyway is operated by a group of experienced business professionals who are well versed about the job market in Hong Kong.

While organizations understand the importance of people development, Joyway actively takes up the role to work together with our clients to develop effective strategies in manpower planning, staff development, and benefit administration.




Project Management


Projects may come suddenly.  Workloads could increase immediately due to business or seasonal needs.  Joyway provides management services to different clients who need us.


Our experienced project managers would lead our competent team of employees to support our client's project at each stage.  It could range from goal setting (KPIs), work procedures set-up and fine-tuning, manual composition, staff placement and performance management.


Staff Service Provision (Outsourcing)

With just one reasonable payment, clients can be relieved from all sort of mechanical, repetitive HR administration. 


Our clients will not need to bother about all staff cost that incurred in accordance with the HK Employment Ordinance, e.g. MPF contribution, labour insurance, annual leave, long service payment (if any), etc.


This would be particularly be suitable for clients who have limited budgets but multiple business goals to complete, which they are unable to increase manpower within a short period of time.



Training and Development


Human resources management is not only an administrative costs, but also a capital investment on our human assets.

Frequent researches have revealed the fact that 'staff development opportunity" is being considered as one of the top 5 factors that accounted for their staff's commitment to their jobs.

Joyway has a group of experienced consultants and coaches who may be able to offer the right solution for our clients in terms of staff development, retention and succession planning.