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Job Order

With one reasonable payment, you would enjoy sufficient manpower service with a flexible budget.  Joyway provides competent staff for you with flexible service periods that suits your needs.


Joyway's employees come with different qualifications, skills and experience.   We will ensure the right employee to be deployed as according to our client's requirement.


Briefings and/or trainings before job posting will be given to our employees before they are sent to our client's office. 


We welcome feedback from clients about our employee's performance, so that we can replace any under-performers upon confirmation from our clients.  Replacement will be made as soon as possible and clients need not bearing any additional costs.



Fee Schedule



Temporary Staffing or Outsourcing                      

Service fee could be charged on different basis subject to client's needs.    Our employees are well covered with all mandatory staff benefits as stated under the HK Employment Ordinance such as MPF contribution, employee compensation, insurance, annual leave, etc. 


Joyway maintains a strong and competent team of employess through careful recruitment and selection system.   Integrity is our key concern.  We perform background checks of our employees before they are employed.   Each employee will receive a detailed human resources manual that states clearly our code of conduct, before they are deployed to work at our client's office.   




Training and Development

Training fee will normally be charged according to the total number of mandays being used in the project.


Depending on project scales and the activities involved, our quotes will include all training design,  development,  delivery, evaluation, and material printing fee.  However, the copyright of the training materials will remain with Joyway, unless otherwise stated.